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We’ll tell any friend who listens that it’s worth paying a visit to a sex shop, to add an extra spark to their sex lives, no matter how hot they might already be. Not sure where to start?. We got them all! And to begin with, here’s a little guide on all you need to know about seven essential types of sex toys—including what they’re for, how to use them, and insider tips for getting next-level pleasure from each one.


Dildos remain a classic that plenty of women and even more men are super into.If you’re looking for the feeling of penetration, dildos are the way to go. They come in a variety of shapes, lengths, and widths, so take those into account when you’re shopping.

Butt Plugs

Consider butt plugs your introduction to anal play. Anal toys are popular with women. Butt plugs are one of the most popular sex toys for anal play. The simple, yet a rather genius, design of a butt plug helps people to enjoy hands-free anal stimulation for prolonged periods of time. Butt plugs accomplish a basic task very effectively – they stay in place. Find out why this anal play product is becoming everyone’s favorite toy.

Nipple Clamps

Attaching these guys to your nips hurts—but it’s supposed to. So much of BDSM play is about the hurts-so-good kind of pain that can be a super-hot sensation for many people. Many clamps come with fancy features like adjustable pressure, a vibrating option, and waterproof coating.


These should be your go-to sex toy, for solo and couple’s play. We suggest that women have a variety of vibrators—different shapes, sizes, and types of stimulators to match their mood and whatever sensation they’re looking for at that moment. Sex toys tend to predictably bring women to orgasm, so go ahead and use them.


Handcuffs are more about the mental and emotional turn-on than the physical sensation,. It’s a fabulous fantasy play and gaining more popularity because of recent exposure and normalization in the media. Soft, cushy ones are a must!

Clitoral Massagers

For women who have a tough time coming from other sex toys (or partners, even) a vibrator that focuses purely on stimulating the most sensitive part of your vagina could be the silver bullet. Sold yet?

Anal Beads

Slightly different from butt plugs in that they insert one individual bead at a time, rather than smoothly and gradually like a plug, anal beads provide a pop feeling with each larger size that goes in. And while any sort of anal toy and play will help prep you for actual anal sex, butt plugs might be a bit more similar to how that will feel. There's nothing quite like sharing a special moment with a loved one, why not treat them (and yourself) to a sexy little something you'll both appreciate? Discover the best sex toys from Sugarkiss! Tried and tested by our customers, these sex toys are the top-rated toys for singles and couples. Find out why our customers love each and every one. With something for everyone on this list, you're guaranteed to find the right sex toy.

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