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Sugarkiss: About Us

A leading supplier of all kinky bedroom play, we are Sugarkiss. We specialize in all things sex, from supplements to sex toys. Sugarkiss is here to help you ignite the spark, try something bold and new with your partner or just get a helping hand with your sexual adventures.

We encourage everyone to be open-minded and sexually liberated. We want to educate people about all the amazing pleasures that sex has to offer and by bringing high-quality products to our customers, we’re confident you’ll be swinging from the bedroom ceiling in no time.

So take a look at our great selection of toys, gear, lingerie, supplements and enhancements to really make your love life skyrocket!

Sugarkiss Sex toys - for him and for her

A sex toy is more than just a simple vibrating rubber phallic toy. Sure they form the backbone of any sex toy collection but there is more to good sex than just simple penetration. Sugarkiss have everything you need from dildos, vibrators, anal beads, strapons and more.

Dildos and dongs are ideal beginner toys because their phallic shapes come in an array of sizes and are motorless, unlike vibrators. You can also choose between a soft, silicone toy and a hard, completely smooth toy made of glass or steel, depending entirely on what gets your motor going.

The vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys around. Along with dildos, they are often the starting point for most people and are probably the mainstay of the bedroom side table. They also come in plenty of different shapes and sizes with some eyebrow-raising features to keep you entertained.

Many happy women will agree that a rabbit vibrator is the best vibrator for women. It’s because most rabbits feature a two-pronged setup, a shaft for penetration and a protruding arm for clitoral stimulation (the arm is often shaped like a bunny, hence the name). Simultaneous penetration and clitoral stimulation are necessary for many women to orgasm - no wonder it’s so popular.

Bondage gear

For the inner devil in all of us, some great bondage gear is a fantastic way to let your hair down. SugarKiss have a wide range of high-quality bondage kits to really help you explore some more sinful pleasures.

It’s all about exploring together and taking things slowly. Many people can be intimidated by the type of toys and props out there but there’s no harm in tying your partner up or blindfolding them just as a teaser, rather than going full dominant and locking them up in a chastity belt right away.

For beginners, there’s nothing quite like a gentle bondage kit to start off the teasing and submissive play. If you want to try out different types of bondage like handcuffs, blindfolds and a mouth gag then a beginners set is just what is needed to explore your dominant and submissive side.

Of course, for those advanced kinky customers out there we’ve also got all toys needed to reduce a partner to a humiliated, whimpering mess with a selection of medical and electrical fetish toys to really get the sparks flying.

Sugarkiss and Sexy Lingerie

There’s nothing quite like playing sex dress up with your partner. Here at Sugarkiss we’re always on the lookout for great costumes and great roleplaying ideas to encourage people to have some fun in their sex life.

We’ve got plenty of amazingly sexy outfits, corsets, bustiers, underwear and bras - enough to make your partner salivate over the thought of you in it. A sexy piece of lingerie not only makes someone sit up and pay attention, it will also make you feel incredible and desirable. A massive confidence boost in the bedroom like lingerie can keep anyone smiling for days afterwards.

Our selection of lingerie comes in different styles and fabrics so you can easily find the most desirable and seductive outfit for your partner.

Sugarkiss also supplies a whole host of essentials to really make sure you lose your head when having adventurous kinky fun with your partner. These include different lubes, erection supplements, condoms, personal grooming items and lots more.

Our Values and What We Stand For

Sugarkiss are experts in the field of seduction, sex and adventurous pleasure. We are here to promote healthy sex lives with like-minded people in a safe and secure environment.

Thanks to our close relationship with leading manufacturers in the industry we are proud to provide everyone with fun and exciting toys, supplements and outfits for a great price.

But we are also extremely conscious of safety. We make sure to do our own independent testing of all products to ensure they conform to all relevant safety regulations and requirements.

Here at Sugarkiss we are all about sexual liberation, fun, and safety and to provide customers with some red hot memories they won’t forget in a hurry.