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Everything you need to know about using cock rings

Everything you need to know about using cock rings

It is a myth that cock rings are just used for pleasurable purposes. Although most people think of cock rings as a device to increase pleasure during sex, they can also be used by people with erectile dysfunction to try and improve erections. Therefore, if there’s one toy in your box of tricks, it should be a cock ring – a simple sex toy with a whole host of benefits to offer. Here are ten reasons why you should be buying a cock ring RIGHT NOW.

It makes him harder

 As the cock ring sits at the base of the penis, it restricts blood flow moving away from the penis. This means that more blood is trapped, which makes him harder than he would normally be without one.

It makes him bigger

Not only will it make him harder, but it will also make him bigger. We all know how much better a bigger erection is. The sex will be deeper but it will also feel different, allowing you and your partner to keep your sex life new and exciting.

It increases sensitivity

Using a cock ring increases sensitivity massively. Although in many ways this is a positive thing, it can also make him a little too sensitive. However, never fear, you can switch up your sex positions to find out what works best, whilst also experimenting in ways you never thought possible.

It makes him last longer

There is no disadvantage of prolonged pleasure! Being able to last longer is a huge perk, especially for her, as women generally take longer to climax than men. As a result of this new, prolonged erection your sex will be hotter and you will be able to experiment with more positions. 

It will make his orgasm better

As the blood flow is being restricted and it’s increasing the sensitivity in his shaft, when he does finally orgasm it will be stronger and more explosive than usual. Not only will this give your sex life a momentary push, but will strengthen your sexual bond as both members of the couple will be happy.

There a huge number of benefits, but they can’t be unlocked unless you use the cock ring in the right way. Again, we’ve got you covered! Here are the best tips to bear in mind when experimenting with a cock ring.

Find positions that work best

As he will be bigger and harder than usual, you may have to change up the sex positions you usually try. This will lead to greater sexual freedom and exploration, in turn, leading to hotter sex.

Don’t use it for longer than 30 minutes

This is a safety precaution as extended blood flow to the penis can cause more harm than good. Therefore, don’t keep it on for too long and don’t have it too tight.

Use lube

 This is essential! Make sure you use lube to put it on and definitely use lube to take it off. If you don’t and it gets stuck… you only have yourself to blame.

Put it on before you’re too hard

If you’re rock hard, putting on a cock ring will not work and might even cause damage. So, make sure you’re only slightly hard when you slide it on.

Find one that fits your needs

 There are hundreds of different types of cock ring, so it is crucial you find one that suits what you want. Try them all! There are even ones that vibrate for added pleasure for her.

Where to get a cock ring?

Now, what are you waiting for? Now you know they are beneficial to an exciting sex life and you know how to maximise their use, head over to https://bit.ly/2Lrt587 and start exploring which cock ring is best for you.

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