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How sex toys can make your sex life even better

How sex toys can make your sex life even better

When we think of sex toys we tend to think of purely solo pleasure. However, this could not be further from the reality of a sex toy’s potential. Not only can they spice up your sex life with your partner, but they can have health benefits that may improve other aspects of your life.

If you still have yet to explore the world of sex toys then now is the time to shake things up. Here are 5 reasons you should be experimenting with sex toys.

They take the pressure off of you and your partner

Sometimes it can be difficult to orgasm. According to some statistics, 70% of women need some sort of clitoral stimulation in order to achieve orgasm. Although this can be achieved with the fingers or tongue, it will not always be possible when a certain position dictates otherwise. They also take the pressure off your partner. No matter how well your partner understands you, they are never really going to hit the spot the same way you can. Without any pressure, your sex will be the way its meant to be. To ease yourself in, take a look at our selection of bullets and eggs

Sex toys can have beneficial effects for both men and women

For men, using sex toys can lower the risk of erectile dysfunction, difficulty orgasming and low sex drive. You will also be more aware of your sexual health, allowing you to notice if anything is wrong and seek medical advice. This is the same for women. Following the menopause and childbirth, sex toys can help to keep the vaginal tissue flexible. In turn, this will allow the sexual sensation to be improved and sex to remain pleasurable. Our selection of rabbit vibrators could give you that enhanced pleasure you have been looking for.

Sexual experimentation leads to better sex

Boring sex is just not okay in any shape or form. Exploring the different layers of your sexual relationship does not only allow you to understand what you enjoy but will enhance your sexual bond with your partner. There are so many different toys you can use (one for each day of the week or year!) SugarKiss has sex toys for any occasion: butt plugs for those wanting to explore anal play; bondage kits for those looking to ramp up their BDSM game; and fetish wear to realise those sexual fantasies. Take a look at our bondage kits to get started.

Using sex toys increases communication

It has been proven that couples who use vibrators are better at communicating; whether that be about sex or other matters. Not only this, but couples who use sex toys are better at giving direction to their partner in the bedroom. As a high number of relationships break down due to a lack of communication, you should be jumping on the chance to get involved in the world of sex toys. Not only to increase the openness and transparency of your relationship in general, but to deepen the intimacy between you and your partner. What are you waiting for? Hit their g-spot today with our selection of sex toys.

Say bye to outdated stigma

It’s 2018 and it’s definitely not taboo to own and use a sex toy. Although sex toy use is more common than ever, some people find it difficult to shake their preconceptions of what a sex toy is all about. There is no room for stigma in 2018 in any aspect of your life, so embrace your sexuality, be yourself, and have fun! Your partner will be blown away, and your sex life will thank you for it.


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