Ever heard about the Kama Sutra and not quite sure what it is or where to start? This ancient form of sexual expression and experience is difficult to summarise in one article, but hopefully by the end of it you’ll have a better understanding of what is and if you have any interest in exploring it further.

People often think of the Kama Sutra as the bible of sex position, but it goes beyond simply exploring different sexual positions with your partner to include bonding, foreplay, intimacy and love. The word Kama means sexual desire, pleasure or fulfilment, and is at the very core of what the Kama Sutra is all about. This ancient Hindu Sanskrit text details the importance of love, intimacy and Kama in everyday life. Kama is considered as one the most important aims of life, along with dharma (religious merit) and artha (wealth).

The Kama Sutra pays particular attention to intimacy, suggesting ways of courting a partner and foreplay. There is recognition that men and women require different forms of stimulation and arousal, and particular attention is paid to encouraging and guiding men on how to become better lovers. There is a focus on both physical and emotional sexual technique, both of which are considered to make up a successful and pleasurable sexual relationship. Beyond the detailed sex positions, the Kama Sutra is a guide to ensure great sex. There are even specific detailed sex positions for not-so-well-endowed men to pleasure women with larger vaginas, and well-endowed men to pleasure women with small vaginas!

You do not have to be an gymnast or yogi to try this out, so below are listed 3 of the Kama Sutra positions to get you started…
1. The Yawning position ~ She lies on her back and he kneels, with his legs on either side of her body. With her legs up in the air, her thighs should touch his while her knees rest against his ribs. The couple should hold hands, pressing her down and supporting him at the same time. This mean that the thrusting and rocking motion will be smoother. You are both able to see each other during this pose, therefore increasing emotional and visual stimulation between you.

2. The Clasping position ~ when we have sex, it’s usually fast and wild. The importance of intimacy in the Kama Sutra is emphasised by positions like this, which teach us to slow down and enjoy making love. With her on her back and him lying on top of her, she places her legs on either side of his body and wraps them around his thighs so that her feet are resting on the back of his knees. Her hands are wrapped around his back, as his are underneath her arms holding her shoulders. This position promotes full-body contact, friction and intimacy. The emphasis is placed on sexual and emotional closeness rather than physical movement. The woman should squeeze her vaginal muscles and hold her partner tight.

3. Crying Out position ~ This position calls for a strong man and lighter women. With him sitting up, legs ever so slightly crossed (so that he is comfortable), she sits in his lap. He places his arms underneath her legs, lifting them up so that her knees are resting on his bicep muscles and his elbows are supporting her legs on her under mid-thigh. He holds her back while she holds his neck or places one hand on the bed for support. This position is spectacular for clitoral stimulation, as there is more friction from rocking than the usual thrusting.