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What are the best vibrators for pleasure

What are the best vibrators for pleasure

 Decided that you want a vibrator? I mean, it should be a no-brainer. You need one in your sexual armoury. We, at SugarKiss, are here to make your choice as easy as possible. Picking out a vibrator should be an enjoyable, not daunting, experience. So we have done the hard work for you. It’s our pleasure to showcase our top vibrators for sexual satisfaction.

The Rabbit Vibrator

This type of vibrator is a go-to for top-notch clitoral stimulation. The Coniglio Rabbit Vibrator boasts new OptiGasm technology that provides high and low frequencies. These create deep vibrations that spread throughout the body. With three speeds and four pulsation levels, this vibrator will take your orgasms to new heights. Buy the Coniglio Rabbit Vibrator HERE.

 The Egg

 This is perfect for a beginner or for ramping up foreplay with your partner. It has a remote control so you are completely in control of your own or your partner’s orgasm. Decide if you want them to climax or if you want to tease them with 10 different vibration modes. Buy the  Easytoys Remote Control Vibrating Egg HERE.

The G-spot Vibrator

You need this up your sleeve when it comes to intense sex. The contoured and smooth vibe of the vibrator is cleverly angled to seek out and stimulate the most intimate of places. Use it in a rocking motion and give into the power of the G. With five extra functions, lie back and enjoy as this vibrator excites your senses. Buy the Rocks Off Vibrator HERE.

Rimming Butt Plug

If you’re looking for anal fun, then this is the butt plug for you. It not only vibrates, but it has rotating pearls in the shaft to mimic the feeling of being rimmed. You can also combine the nine vibration modes and five rotation modes using a remote control, so it is as much fun with your partner as it is solo. Buy the Vibro-plug with Rotation Dildo Butt plugs HERE.

Fun Vibrators

 If you aren’t ready to be fully serious about using a vibrator in the bedroom with your partner, you can always introduce sex toys jokingly. Not only will this add an element of fun, but will allow your partner to ease into sex toy use before you use something a little more powerful. Check out our selection of fun vibrators.


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