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Our essential guide on how to clean your sex toys

Our essential guide on how to clean your sex toys

Sex feels good, sex is healthy and let’s face it sex is extremely fun!

Sex toys are an amazing way to release stress away and get you on cloud 9. Whether you are using sex toys solo or with a partner, at the end of it to maintain good hygiene will need to clean your toys.

Unsure how to clean your sex toys? No worries, we have you covered, here is all you need to know about keeping your favourite friends in tip-top condition, ready for the next use.

What material is it made of?

When it comes to cleaning your sex toys safely and correctly, you first need to know if your sex toys are made from porous or nonporous material.

Porous sex toys have tiny microscopic holes in them which mean they absorb and retain anything they encounter, even after cleaning. Material such as PVC, latex, jelly rubber and most sex toys marked as “skin safe” are all porous.

Non-porous sex toys made from Pyrex, Silicone, ABS plastics and metals like stainless steel or gold plating will need different cleaning techniques. 

If you are uncertain what material your sex toy is made of, you can check the box or look it up online.

How to clean your sex toy

Now that you have established what materials your sex toy is made of; it is time to start cleaning. We always recommend you wash your sex toy before and after use to prevent infection. It is important to use the right soap to not upset the vaginas PH balance, we recommend a mild, unscented wash to wash your toys. 

If your sex toy is made of porous materials, we recommend not exposing your toy to high temperatures, this is because porous materials are more sensitive to temperature and can get warp when exposed. You can wipe your toy down with a damp warm, soapy washcloth and let it dry or use our specialised toy cleaners which ensures a quick and thorough clean of your toys without the hassle.

If your sex toy is made of nonporous materials, we recommend cleaning your toys using mild soap and warm water or with a damp, soapy washcloth. Clean your sex toy with a clean, fresh towel and leave to dry. You can also use our specialised toy cleaners which ensure a quick and thorough clean of your toys without the hassle.

Always use a fresh, clean towel to dry your sex toys. Drying your sex toys before you put them away means the likelihood of mould or mildew building upon them is low and means your toys will not smell strange when you get them out to play the next time around.

Use sex toy cleaning products

If in doubt or you just feel too lazy, it is best to use sex toy cleaning products and thanks to the internet, you can get them in no-time. They are specifically formulated to clean your toys without causing damage or wasting your time, a great alternative!

Using a personal toy cleaning spray or lube offers hygienic cleaning of sex toys and eliminates germs and fungi. It is quick and simple and will not leave any lingering odours on you, your partner, or your toys. There are some universal cleaners available, but you should still check the label to make sure you can use it for your collection.  Shop our range of sex cleaning products, to find the best one for cleaning your sex toys.

How to store your sex toys correctly

Now that you have cleaned your sex toys, it is important to store them correctly too, we can help you here.

The best way to store your sex toys would be in the packaging they came in but if that is no longer an option, you can easily find another storage solution. Something sealable with a zipper or even small plastic boxes would be suitable. If you can wash the containers themselves then that is a big bonus. It may be common to toss your sex toys bare into your wardrobe or cupboard; however, it can lead to dust build-up.

Maintaining and cleaning sex toys helps reduces wear and tear and reduce the chance of infections. Remember, cleaning your sex toys safely and regularly is just as important as having a great sex itself and will keep you and your partner healthy and happy.