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Since 1974, Playmobil has been a staple toy in households around the world. The well recognised smile of the Playmobil figurines have delighted generations of children time and time again with their unique take on the toy world with endless miniature worlds to get creative and imaginative with. Not only are children benefiting from Playmobil but parents and educators are also witnessing the joy and practical skill development that Playmobil brings. With such a unique toy line such as Playmobil, children of all ages and abilities can slip into different roles, recreating worldly experiences and routines in miniature that allow children to act out in a safe environment. From historical figures such as pirates and knights, to modern construction workers and firefighters. There are many stories, roles and themes that children can process thanks to Playmobil. The wonderful designers at Playmobil are constantly creating fun and interesting new Playmobil sets to deliver hours of entertainment to children across the globe. The figurines are truly universal, with different items and outfits available to interchange with other sets, meaning the play opportunities are endless. What makes Playmobil so popular is the endless story-telling possibilities in which children can conjure up their own rules and their own world quickly and without any involvement from others - or waiting around for parents to set up the toys. The only limitations are from a child's imagination. Standing at 7.5cm tall, the smiling figurines, which form the keystone of the whole Playmobil sets, are ideally proportioned for youngsters to hold and manipulate to their heart's content. Playmobil sets have endless benefits for child development. These include positive social, cognitive, motor and emotional aspects of their growing understanding of the world around them and of themselves. Some positive social impacts for children include co-operation, sharing and leadership skills while skills such as logic, problem solving, creativity and concentration help develop a child’s cognitive aptitude. Further benefits include improved physical coordination and a sharpening of the senses. The emotional well-being of children is equally important to their development, which is why Playmobil helps bring a sense of enjoyment and a child’s freedom to express themselves through play. In turn this will build self-confidence and self control as your child grows more comfortable in their own skin. With Playmobil being such a consistent world-leader in creating toys of high calibre, no wonder then that Ride On Toys 4 U are a leading supplier. Like the endless fun to be had with Playmobil sets and figurines, the number of Playmobil sets we have on offer are equally endless. From action sets and rescue force sets to coffee shop and campervan sets, there is something for children from toddlers to schoolchildren. If you want to start your children off with something simple yet delightfully delicious, the Family Fun Ice Cream Cart playset is a highly detailed and imaginative way to get your kids into the holiday mood. The set features a mobile ice cream cart with 4 different flavours to choose from and includes cones and a scoop for serving, along with 3 figurines in total. For something more exciting and action orientate, your kids will love the Police Helicopter With LED Searchlight playset. This cool playset comes with a helicopter pilot and a police officer and features a functional rope winch on the side to quickly dispatch the police officer on his mission. The set comes complete with a LED flashing light that can be attached to the bottom of the helicopter for dangerous and exciting night-time missions. Animal lovers will enjoy the Country Farm with Animals playset, tending to pigs, cows, cats, birds and mice. It features a fully functional water pump that is refillable and a heat lamp for the pigs with a functioning light. For loading and unloading the playset even comes with a large loading crane that can pick up and transport items. Saving lives and making people feel better is the name of the game with the City Life Hospital Wing Playset. This hospital ward comes with plenty of interactive accessories for playtime and includes 4 Playmobil figurines. Comes with a swivelling surgical light, includes examining table along with infusion tubes that can be attached to the Playmobil figurines. The set also comes with a sticker sheet with bandages. Check vitals, administer medications, and receive visitors in this open hospital section which will go great with other City Life sets. Without a doubt Playmobil continues to provide fun for children and important developmental benefits in equal measure. Ride On Toys 4 U seeks out the very best products for children, direct from the manufacturers, to bring safe fun and enjoyment to their customers. All products are independently tested by us to ensure that they conform to the latest safety standards and regulations.