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Sex Dolls

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Sex Doll Buyers Guide

When we think about a sex doll, most of us end up imagining a blow-up doll that we saw a few times in some erotic movie or at someone’s place. Nowadays you can choose a sex doll of different shapes, sizes, gender, ethnicity, color and even get it customized as well. For example, if you like a curvy body with small breast you can order a custom made doll! This sex doll guide will help in choosing the right piece for you.

Why would someone buy a sex doll?

There could be many reasons for buying a sex doll. The reason can be emotional, physical or lack of communication. To overcome such situations and live a healthy and fulfilled life, it is important to have someone or something that you can relate with. The realistic sex dolls that are available these days can easily fit in the scenario perfectly.

Companionship: Companionship is not limited to the emotional bonding with a person. Your long-term partner might be in some other city, state or even another country. It gets lonely and physically unsatisfying to live with the spouse. You can cuddle and sleep with the realistic sex dolls available in the market and feel the presence of a true companion.

Gift: Sex dolls are also a great gift for your single friend or family member. In case you want to have some fun while watching an unexpected family member getting shocked with your choice, sex doll is the perfect gift.

Sexual pleasure: In many cases, we may not have physical contact with another person for a long time. Besides that, you might feel the need of an out-of-the-box sexual encounter with your partner and fail to communicate that to him or her. In that case, you can always count on the sex dolls to fulfill sexual pleasure.

Fantasies: Are you looking for someone who can stay with you in a room full of kinky stuff? Is it hard to tell your partner about your wildest fantasies? Do you often imagine how will it feel like to have sex with someone of the same sex but do not want to actually do it with another person? Sex dolls can be there for you in all these circumstances.

Different Types Of Love Dolls

When you buy a sex doll for the first time, the process can be really overwhelming. There are so many options available in the market based on different factors that it may get confusing for you. The following information will help you in deciding where to start while hunting for a decently priced, best-looking sex doll.

Different material: We are not talking about another person so the material that is going to touch your skin should not cause any allergy or uneasiness. There are different types of sex dolls available in the market based on the material used. Most basic sex dolls that are available in the market since the 90s are the blowup dolls which are generally made of vinyl or PVC. Apart from that, you can find high-end sex dolls made of silicone, fabric, TPE, and Rubber.

Different gender: If you think that sex dolls are only made for men or lesbians because only female sex dolls are available, that you are completely wrong. The sex dolls are available in male, female and shemale genders. So basically, you can allow your fantasies to go wild and enjoy some of the most elaborate fantasies with the sex dolls.

Realistic or fantasy: There are two types of sex doll buyers. First who are actually looking for something that can fill the space of a companion and second are those who may or may not have a companion but looking to fulfill the sexual fantasies they had.

Structure: The skeleton structure of the sex doll plays a vital role in the performance. No, we are not talking about actual skeleton here but the framework on which these dolls are built. There are sex dolls available in the market which comes with detachable and foldable limbs. It all depends on of what kind of inner structure they have. For better experience and durability, it is important to get a doll with the solid and flexible skeleton.

Appearance: For most of the people, sex dolls are a one-time investment. To make sure you are buying the right one, always check the appearance and body structure of the doll. The measurements of the doll are very important as this piece of art is going to fulfill your deepest fantasies. Always check the appearance and compare different dolls before making the final choice.

Orifices: Last but not the least, the sexual parts or orifices are very important. The vagina, anus, and mouth fall under this category. Every sex doll contains at least one orifice. The dolls come in two different categories that are with detachable and one without detachable orifices. You should prefer to choose one with detachable orifices and it is easier to clean after making love to them. 

How To Purchase My Love Doll?

First of all, once you have decided the gender of the sex doll. Most of the order websites start with the gender. Once you are done with choosing the gender of your doll, shift to ethnicity. Asian, Caucasian or something else. It all depends on your mood, style, and choice. After that, the aesthetic appearance of the doll will come in the light. You can make your doll look as attractive as you want. Some websites allow you to choose the skin color, built, height and many other features as well.