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Vtech is a global manufacturer of electronic educational learning toys. They are highly experienced in producing “edutainment” products, being a world leader in the industry since the early 1980’s. From infants to pre-schoolers, the electronic learning products (ELP’s) produced by Vtech are some of the most well-known in the world. By producing ELP’s for children of all ages, Vtech have captured and encouraged the imagination of children for generations with their unique and interesting toys. All their products are designed to enrich and encourage development in every facet of a child’s life. Ride On Toys 4 U stock a great range of Vtech edutainment toys that will keep your children fascinated for endless hours as we believe in finding the best toys to help kids learn and grow in the most creative and fun ways possible. Vtech have designed their toys with positive and sustained growth of the child in mind, right from the beginning. A whole host of benefits to Vtech toys include cognitive development, creative and cooperative play, motor skills, problem solving and word building. A child's thinking skills develop efficiently through physical exercise and interaction with the world around them. Babies develop these cognitive skills through their eyes, ears, hands, feet and mouth, their understanding of the world around them begins to grow. Learning through play helps grow and strengthen neural pathways in the brain, the building blocks of a quick thinking and well-rounded child. Creative and cooperative play encourages children to develop confidence in their own abilities when working and thinking independently. Simultaneously this helps them develop their social skills as they learn to communicate and play with other children without conflict. Through repetition, and across time, infants become adept at grasping and develop fine motor skills. Grasping, grabbing, carrying and “pinching” objects all help to improve motor skills along with hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. In later years, it has been shown that computer games improve these skills extensively as many require quick hand-eye coordination along with quick mental reflexes. Problem solving skills go hand in hand with motor skills. Both small babies and children are obsessed with games where they have to find a hidden object; they have fun and at the same time increase their problem solving capabilities by process of elimination. If children are thinking about actions ahead of time and planning, whether it is on a computer or with another person, these will all help enhance problem solving skills. These are just some of the benefits of the learning systems that Vtech provide which provide extensive benefits to children across all age groups and abilities. Ride On Toys 4 U believes in the power of fun and imaginative play and with a whole host of great Vtech toys, puzzles and interactive play to help kids explore and understand the world around them and equipping children with the educational tools to become well-rounded adults. Available right now is the Switch & Go Dinos Commander - Blister the Velociraptor, a fun 2-in-1 toy that switches between a cool helicopter to a fearsome veliciraptor and features real noises, flashing lights and an LCD screen displaying cool dinosaur eyes and pilot animations. Kids will hear wild noises, dinosaur facts and real flying sounds. Perfect for some action orientated play. If you want to keep your children away from your phone or tablet, then a good distraction would be the Pre-school My Laptop from Vtech. This is a perfect way to help your children develop their motor skills and cognitive skills at the same time as having endless amounts of fun. My Laptop features up to 30 fun and educational activities with increasing levels of difficulty. For little ones still learning to find their feet then Ride On Toys 4 U has the perfect Vtech toy. The Hop-a-Roo Kangaroo is a cuddly, fun friend that even hops forward, encouraging young children to get mobile. Hop-a-Roo also comes with two sing-along songs with 10 melodies and the paws have built-in buttons, introducing fun facts, numbers, phrases and sounds. Keep the tunes rolling and the children entertained at the same time. The Kidi Super Star Move Microphone means you can sing along to 4 different songs, record for two minutes and includes funny voice changing effects plus instant sound effects buttons. It’s a neat toy for the budding singers in the family! Whatever you choose from our Vtech range, you can be guaranteed high quality from the world’s leading experts in educational toys and puzzles. At Ride On Toys 4 U we source only the safest and most beneficial toys for your children, putting them through our own rigorous testing before releasing them online while maintaining close links with the manufacturers to give customers our super competitive prices.